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WA GB [WhatsApp GB] Pro Apk v17.60 Latest Official 2024

WA GB [WhatsApp GB] is a modified WhatsApp application developed by a third party. This GB WhatsApp application has more complete features than the original WhatsApp version. Indonesiapastibisa.org provides a link to the latest version of WA GB which you can download right now!

Application Name 🏆 WhatsApp GB Pro
Developer 🔱 WhatsApp Mod
Official Web 💸 Indonesiapastibisa.org
Category ⭐ Mobile Applications
Device 🚀 Android & iPhone
Licence 🍭 Official Without Ads
New update 🟢 January 2024
Website Ratings ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Positive Review ❤️ 67.850+

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How to Download WA GB

For all users, please follow the steps to download the latest WA GB below:

  1. Visit the website Indonesiapastibisa.org
  2. Click the version of GBWhatsApp you want to download
  3. After entering the download page, select view in the Terabox App
  4. Install & create a Terabox account, then go back to the download page and click download

How to Install WhatsApp GB

After successfully downloading WhatsApp GB, the next step is to install the application. Here's the tutorial:

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the WA GB Application at Indonesiapastibisa.org
  2. Enable third-party Application installation permission in settings
  3. Disable Google Play Protect
  4. Locate the WhatsApp GB file and start the installation
  5. Register like creating a WhatsApp account
  6. Done, the application is ready to use

How to Register for WA GB

For users who are using this application for the first time. Please follow the steps to register an account on the GB WhatsApp Application below:

  1. Open the installed GB WhatsApp application
  2. Select Agree & Continue
  3. Enter an active telephone number
  4. Select next (continue)
  5. If a pop up appears, press OK
  6. Select allow GB WhatsApp to send verification codes
  7. Enter a username & profile picture
  8. Done, the account can be used

Features of GB WhatsApp Apk

The complete features of WA GB are numerous, and will continue to increase as the latest version is released. For now, here are some of the superior features of WhatsApp GB:

Feature ➡️

WhatsApp GB


Auto Reply

Mass chat

Anti Banned

DND mode

Multi Accounts

Theme Customization

Schedule Messages

Downlod Status

Chat Lock


Hide Media

Backup Chats

Always Online Feature

Disable Blue Tick

Font Customization

Disable Last Seen

Video Status Duration

5 Minutes

30 Sec

File Send Limit

1 GB

16 MB

Anti Delete Status

Chat Anti-Revoke

Disadvantages of GB WhatsApp

Apart from having advantages, WhatsApp GB also has disadvantages like applications in general. Here are some weaknesses of WhatsApp GB that you need to know:

  • ❌ Cannot update automatically
  • ❌ Not in PlayStore
  • ❌ User privacy is limited
  • ❌ Accounts can be blocked by WhatsApp

Best WhatsApp Mod Apk

WhatsApp Mod is the name for a third-party modified WhatsApp application released in the form of an apk file. The following are recommendations for the best WhatsApp Mod (WA MOD) as judged by the number of users, application features and device compatibility.

  1. 🚀 GB WhatsApp
  2. 🚀 FM WhatsApp
  3. 🚀 WhatsApp Aero
  4. 🚀 Fouad WhatsApp
  5. 🚀 MB WhatsApp
  6. 🚀 Whatsapp Plus
  7. 🚀 Coco WhatsApp
  8. 🚀 Yo WhatsApp

Old WA GB (Old Versions)

The old WA GB application is often sought after because of its compatibility and light file size. Below is the download link for the old version of WhatsApp GB:

🔥 Old WA GB v9.83, v 8.75, v 13.50 🔥

👉 Download Here 👈

History of WhatsApp GB

The GB WhatsApp application was first created in 2016 and became popular in several countries, such as India, Brazil and Bangladesh. If you look at history, this modified WhatsApp application appeared 6 years after its release WhatsApp.

In Europe itself, this application was only widely used at the beginning of 2017. Because it became increasingly popular, finally many developers created their own versions of WhatsApp GB, and distributed them via various platforms.

WhatsApp GB is an unofficial application developed by a third party. That is why this application is prone to being misused to steal user data through malware or viruses inserted into the application file.

To anticipate this, we, the Indonesiapastibisa.org team, released an official website as an effort to make it easier for users to get the WA GB Application which is safe from malware.

How to Use WA GB Mod

How to use WhatsApp GB is not much different from the WhatsApp application. After you have finished creating an account, you only need to set some of the main features in the settings section. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the GB WhatsApp application
  2. Click the three dot icon at the top right
  3. Select GBSettings
  4. Check the list of features you want to activate
  5. Done, just check the results directly

Overcoming Temporary Bans

If you receive a temporary ban notification when using the GB WhatsApp application, please follow the instructions below to resolve it:

  1. Make a full backup in settings (Mod + WhatsApp settings)
  2. Uninstall GB WhatsApp Application
  3. Download the latest v17.60 from Indonesiapastibisa.org
  4. Register account & verify number
  5. Restore backup

WA GB Registration Error Solution

If you encounter an error message "You need WhatsApp to use this account". Follow these steps to resolve it:

  1. Make sure the cellphone number is not blocked & still active
  2. Make sure to download the latest version of the WA GB Application
  3. Clear WA GB cache in settings > Application > WhatsApp GB > then delete data & clear memory
  4. Still in Application settings > select the Application permissions tab > make sure all permissions are enabled
  5. Next, open Google Play Store on your phone
  6. Click the profile icon on the top right side
  7. Select the Play Protect option
  8. Select on the settings icon
  9. Disable the settings option "scan Application with Play Protect"
  10. Disable the settings option "improve malicious Application detection"
  11. Try opening the WA GB Application again
  12. If the error message still appears, reinstall

Important Notice

Indonesiapastibisa.org as the official WA GB website, it always provides a safe download link for all users. Make sure to check for Application updates via this website or the Telegram Indonesia Pasti Bisa channel.

Disclaimer! We are not responsible for misuse of this Application. Meanwhile, we only act as developers who publish the WhatsApp GB Application via the Indonesiapastibisa.org website.

Change Log

✅ Updates outdated versions on some devices

✅ Improved Anti-Ban Protection feature

✅ Some fixes & other improvements

✅ Update expired versions

✅ Updated the Anti-Ban Protection feature

✅ Some fixes & other improvements

✅ Update expired versions

✅ Fixed crash in chat/groups

✅ Fixed crash when opening MODS story

✅ Some fixes & other improvements

✅ Ditambahkan & diaktifkan lebih dari 25+ fitur

✅ Memperbaiki lebih dari 50+ bug Application

✅ Some fixes & other improvements


What is WA GB?

WA GB (WhatsApp GB) is an imitation or modification application of the WhatsApp application. This application comes with more features and easy customization.

Is the WhatsApp GB application safe to use??

Yes, it's safe. Make sure you only download the application via the official WA GB website at Indonesiapastibisa.org.

Why do you have to download WA GB here?

Indonesiapastibisa.org is the official site that provides the original GB WhatsApp Application, so it is safe from malware that could threaten user privacy.

What are the characteristics of people who use WA GB??

Reply to chats even with one tick, no typing status visible, can reply to messages that have been deleted, last seen time doesn't match, can send chats without saving contact.

How to Update an Expired WA GB?

Bookmark websites Indonesiapastibisa.org, then you can check for Application updates once a week. If there is an update, delete the old Application on the phone & install the latest application from this website.

Is it true that WA GB can see user privacy status?

The current version of WhatsApp GB does not support this feature, but it is possible that in the next update there will be a feature to be able to view private WhatsApp statuses.

How to Download WA GB Meta?

Visit the official website at Indonesiapastibisa.org > Select the WA GB version > click download > follow the next steps via the Terabox Application.

How to Remove Ads on WA GB?

Do a chat backup in settings > uninstall Application WA GB > download the latest version at Indonesiapastibisa.org > do a reinstallation > restore backup.

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